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Chicago’s mayor Brandon Johnson signs orders on first day in Embed – NBC Chicago


In the first few hours after being in oath as mayor of Chicago on Monday, Brandon Johnson signed his first series of orders, with the majority of the measures establishing new leadership roles in the city council.

The mayor’s office issued a press release on Monday afternoon in which Johnson said, “As your mayor, it is my duty to take brave, immediate actions to build a better, stronger and safer Chicago.”

The first of four orders seeks to increase youth employment by instructing the city’s budget and management office to analyze resources in the 2023 budget year, which are available to finance youth employment and enrichment programs. The order also instructs the mayor’s office to coordinate youth employment and enrichment activities among the city’s sister agencies and urban departments for summer internships and community service opportunities, according to the press release.

Johnson also signed three regulations on the establishment of new Deputy Mayor’s positions, the first of which is a deputy mayor of immigrant, migrant and refugees’ rights. Anyone who assumes the role is responsible for coordination and communication regarding the city’s efforts to support immigrants, refugees and migrants – whether established or newcomers. According to the order, all city department heads will be instructed to take direction from the Deputy Mayor “to assist with efforts to meet immediate needs and long -term political and programmatic goals to ensure the effectiveness of Chicago’s status as an inviting and sanctified city.”

Further regulations establish a Deputy Mayor of Social Security, which will focus on “exterminating the fundamental causes of crime and violence and promoting a comprehensive, healing -centered approach to social security” and a Deputy Mayor of Working Conditions.

This position will “allow coordination to promote, promote and develop the welfare of employees, job seekers and pensioners in Chicago, in addition to improving working conditions, promoting new job opportunities for employment and protecting workers’ rights.”

Days before she left the office, former mayor Lori Lightfoot signed a number of orders, including those who established youth commissions and pension borders and secured the implementation of a “we will chicago” plan.

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